Xat Generator

Our Xat Generators are very well working. You can add up to 100k a time. I only give the link if you Subscribe us on Youtube. I will messege you the download link. In most Xat Generators you will have a sign in button before you click Get Free Xats. With our Generators instead you must login before you use it. Put locking and protection off during the progress. When the Xats are added you can turn them back on. We have had many complains from users about our Generators being fake and not even a program. Well they are. I am not good at coding so I will ONLY give it to people I trust. Once you Subscribe us on Youtube. Comment on the video generator you want the download link from. Then once I see your comment I will examin your Youtube profile. If I trust you I will give you the link. If you don't get the link the Generator is probably patched or I don't trust you sorry. We are now thinking of adding the Generator download link in a old Youtube video so Xat don't patch it as quickly. We are now also thinking of selling our Xat Generators for 10,000 Xats. If you do buy a generator and it gets patched because you told staff on Xat or if you told your friends the download link I will patch the link from you and everybody you gave it to. - AvrilXat